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BlueGrace Logistics Franchise Review: Q&A with Peter Foradas

Posted Jul 22nd, 2015

Without reinventing the wheel, BlueGrace owner in Indianapolis finds best solution in BlueGrace Logistics franchise

Peter Foradas, owner of BlueGrace Indianapolis, knew that having his own business was the key to success. He could be his own boss, strengthen his community by giving to charity, build wealth and security, and have a schedule flexible enough to allow him time with his family.

shutterstock_124831474But Peter didn’t want to spend all his time creating a standalone business from scratch that would take time to build market share and name recognition. He wanted to focus on what he does best — creating solutions for customers. Becoming a BlueGrace franchisee was the answer he was looking for.

What were you doing before becoming a franchisee?

Before becoming a franchisee, I was a sales representative for one year with Medline, and prior to that I spent five years working for Worldwide Express in their Chicago and North Carolina offices as an account executive and manager.

Being your own boss is far more rewarding than being an employee. You call the shots! The business is a product of you.

How did you become interested in franchising, and how did you discover BlueGrace Logistics?

I became interested in franchising because it offers the opportunity to use technology and resources at a low cost to help jumpstart the growth of a small business.

BlueGrace Logistics offers a diverse culture and leadership that has demonstrated itself to be a competitor in the marketplace.

What do you like about the brand, the management team, and the tools and support you have to build your business?

shutterstock_160055123BlueGrace Logistics creates an environment conducive to teamwork and innovation. I like being part of an organization where I feel my word is heard. And I like that processes are in place to implement change — here, we welcome change.

The BlueGrace corporate team supports on-boarding of “Enterprise Accounts” (minimum annual revenue threshold $250,000). They assist in carrier relations, implementation, IT integration, financing, and business development.

What do your customers like best? What sets BlueGrace Logistics apart?

My customers enjoy having the ability to relate to the small business, but they also feel they are part of something much bigger.

Like any sales team, we appeal to the consumers who typically reflect who we are as people and business professionals. Because of the diversity at BlueGrace Logistics, we have something for everyone. Our transparent approach creates that “trust” factor.

What should an entrepreneur know about third-party logistics (3PL) if they are evaluating the franchise opportunity?

That there are several options, and they should evaluate all of them! Franchising provides an opportunity to skilled, entrepreneurial-minded business professionals seeking rapid growth within a niche market without exhausting your time, energy, and money for technology, infrastructure, and marketing. It’s an excellent approach to hit the ground running.

What motivated you to start the business? What’s your goal?

The primary motivator was financial freedom. Of course that means providing for my family, both short and long term. Giving back to the community is important. I also feel it’s my obligation to provide opportunities to others seeking hyper-growth career paths.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

For fun I play league baseball on Sundays during the spring and summer. I also enjoy skiing, golf, and fishing! I travel to see family often and always enjoy traveling for leisure.

Would you recommend BlueGrace Logistics to someone else?

Of course! I chose BlueGrace Logistics because of its reputation and innovative approach. CEO Bobby Harris believes in a diverse culture, which enables creative minds to work collaboratively. As a result, a unique stream of communication and ideas is born, which tends to be extremely relevant to our distinct customer base.

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