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How Do We Define Territories?

BlueGrace holds national and territorial business models

shutterstock_102676610There are two types of BlueGrace franchise models: national and territorial. Territorial model fees range from $22,000-$38,000, while national model fees are set at a flat rate of $82,500. To be clear, these models are not personal options. As a potential BlueGrace franchisee, the type of model you will own depends on the type of model you qualified to own.

National franchise

The national model franchise is reserved for companies that have an existing book of business as a third party logistics provider and are interested in transferring their book into a BlueGrace Logistics franchise. This allows them to have immediate access to our carrier pricing as well as our BlueShip technology. This model has no geographical limitations within the United States. Franchise owners may call anyone across state lines or travel long distances to meet with clients. This gives the you a broader customer base and the ability to sell to any customer you encounter.

Territory Markets do not limit how far national franchisees can extend a hand based on these referrals. Clients may make referrals to their corporate office out of state. Unlike a territorial franchise owner, a national franchise owner can reach out across state lines, network, and gain more of a corporation’s business.

Often, you’ll encounter a branch of a business that has operations in many other regions. You might, for instance, come across a sales opportunity to serve a large, national brand by leveraging your local relationship. This could be any size opportunity — from a small, regional manufacturer to a large, national operation that spends millions on shipping a year.

That’s the beauty of a national franchise — no borders to keep you from growing. When you visit the BlueGrace Logistics Franchise headquarters in Tampa, you’ll see an enormous sales staff handling some of our local and national accounts. With a national franchise model, you have the opportunity to grow your business as large as you see fit; you could grow it to our size or bigger without having to purchase additional franchises.

Territorial franchise

Our territorial franchise is a smaller franchise designed to accommodate a local business that wants to work in one geographic area. If you have roots and a network in a city that is already full of potential customers, a territorial franchise allows you to maximize sales in a focused region.

A territorial franchise is comprised of an average of 5,000 potential transportation-related target customers or companies, such as manufacturers and distributors, and is based on the business densities within specific cities and states. The number of businesses within the Territory Market is determined by the most recent census data publicly available from the U.S. Census Bureau, describing county business patterns classified by the North American Industry Classification System. We define these territories by making sure that you have a sufficient number of target customers to prospect.

By target customers, we mean potential clients that are already using shipping and are in our sweet spot.

What kind of franchise system do I qualify for?

If you aren’t already a third party logistics provider, chances are, you will qualify for a territorial franchise.

A territorial franchise is a great fit if you have a sales background but have not worked in freight. It is less expensive to start, and you will be able to maximize sales locally — building your business one relationship at a time.

The territorial model is beneficial because although technology allows for ease of use and better supply chain management, we find that businesses tend to do more business with local franchises that can meet face to face with potential customers.

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What territory markets are available?


We’re rapidly growing, and we’re wide open across the United States: Boston, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mid-Atlantic, Long Island — there are many markets awaiting a BlueGrace Logistics franchise. Any city with an airport is the right territory for our business. We’re in the business of shipping, so where there’s a hub of distribution activities, there is a place for a BlueGrace franchise.

Manufacturing is making a resurgence from coast to coast, from Boston to Wichita to Denver to Seattle. Forbes magazine reported that more than 650,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since 2010. Much of that stems from new technologies in the construction and expansion of refineries and pipelines and the reduction of electrical costs to become lower than those in Europe and Asia.

American companies also are moving more manufacturing back to the United States due to spikes in wages abroad and unpredictable business conditions, reports Forbes.

The South is seeing high-volume manufacturing coming not only from Houston, but Dallas-Fort Worth and from Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana. The Rust Belt is making a big comeback in areas such as Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, and Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing, Michigan. The northeast seaboard is always ripe for a BlueGrace franchise, whether in Boston, New Jersey, or Philadelphia.




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