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Next Steps

When you initially request more information about BlueGrace Logistics, we will receive a confirmation, send you more information, and let you know someone will be scheduling an introductory call. From that point forward it’s a simple, step-by-step approach to learning more about BlueGrace, as well as determining whether we fit what you are seeking as a new franchise business.


After your introductory call, you’ll visit BlueGrace corporate headquarters in Tampa for Discovery Day. You’ll sit with our various sales and operations teams and learn about our technology, marketing, dedicated franchise support, and much more. This is a critical piece of your franchise ownership onboarding process.

The ‘Introduction to BlueGrace’ call

During this call we will learn more about your personal and professional goals and how well they line up with franchise ownership for BlueGrace Logistics. We will also provide additional insight on our model and answer any lingering questions you may have. We will confirm your information and send the required application forms for franchise ownership.


Apply for and receive BlueGrace’s Franchise Disclosure Document

BlueGrace sends electronic application forms that are quick and easy to complete. Once completed, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). We will also schedule with you another call to review the FDD.

FDD review and financial discussions

Franchise Disclosure Documents are lengthy and sometimes confusing. Our franchise development experts help by offering a walkthrough on each section and highlighting key pieces. Here we will be reviewing all financial requirements associated with franchise ownership and making sure they match your current situation.

Current franchisee validation calls

At this point in the discovery process, you should be able to understand the BlueGrace opportunity and what you must do to succeed. We encourage you to achieve these objectives by talking to our current franchisees living the world you have been shown. You’ll have access to as many owners as you would like. They were all on the other side of that phone call at one point, so they are open and honest in their assessments about BlueGrace.

Discovery Day in Tampa

Now that you are armed with an arsenal of information on BlueGrace, we will host you for a full Discovery Day in our Tampa corporate office, where you will meet our franchise support teams and key members of our leadership team. You will also receive a tour of our office and get a feel for our award-winning corporate culture. This day affirms everything you have learned so far in this process and gives you a chance to sit across the table from your future partners and supporters.

Awarding a franchise

A few days after Discovery Day, we will let you know whether you’ve been awarded a franchise. If awarded, we will discuss further options to finalize things, and you’ll be on your way to franchise ownership!

Finalizing agreement and scheduling execution and training dates

The final step is all about crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s in finalizing your franchise: setting agreement signing dates; gathering final information; and scheduling your training and launch dates.


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