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What Is a BlueGrace Logistics Franchise?

We’re the fastest-growing logistics franchise in America

The shipping industry is hugely fragmented — with a lot of trucking companies and warehouses — and navigating options can be a headache for businesses. BlueGrace is a outsourced transportation management service for our customers.

Unless you are immersed in the logistics industry, it’s very hard to keep track of your options, know whether you are getting a fair deal, and get consistent customer service. We win clients by making the process easy and by becoming their advocates. We offer supply-chain services for clients with business-to-business freight, including strong technical support with our custom-made BlueShip software, and customer support with our large call center in Tampa.

Inexpensive investment, high potential return

Investment in a BlueGrace Logistics franchise ranges from from $39,500 to $181,250, depending on the type of franchise territory you purchase. Our franchisee revenues have been growing steadily year-over-year, and this business has high income potential for a relatively low initial investment.


Demand for third-party logistics is increasing as asset-based carriers shrink sales forces and more companies are shipping more than ever. BlueGrace franchisees become the go-to local shipping experts and help companies achieve business goals faster through better logistics solutions. Everyone we talk to already spends money on shipping; we simply help them get more for less. As a result, our top 20% of franchise locations average $938,743 in gross freight profit, and those numbers have increased every year.

We are a non-asset company

Neither our home office or our franchisees own trucks or warehouses, and we don’t touch the freight that our customers send. We simply provide custom solutions for our customers that might involve one carrier or several, depending on the need. Freight is in our DNA, and we are as connected to this $600 billion a year industry as it possible to become.

Since we don’t hold assets, we can offer more services. We are not limited to our own fleet’s capacity. Instead, we use the assets of the many carriers we have on speed dial. We can quickly piece together the best shipping solution to meet a client’s need, rather than settle for a “this is what’s available, take it or leave it” approach.


Much of our clientele uses our less than a truckload (LTL) shipping services. Efficient LTL shipping combines multiple shipments onto a truck that may carry items for three or four clients at once. The items are sorted at a distribution hub and then reloaded onto other trucks that are delivering mixes of shipments that are all headed to the same destinations. This form of freight shipping makes up the majority of business-to-business freight, yet it accounts for less than 10% of the nation’s annual shipping spend. LTL is a vital service because shippers must get their orders out on time but often have very little to ship. BlueGrace consolidates the LTL freight of its clients so that they can ship frequently and split the costs with other shippers.

LTL shipping is our bread and butter, but we do much more for our clients. Our other services include full truckload (FTL), international, and guaranteed and expedited shipping, along with supply-chain management and freight-invoice auditing. Whatever a customer needs, we can often provide.

Why now is a good time to open a BlueGrace Logistics franchise

figure3Companies are rapidly embracing third-party logistics providers. Ten years ago, 3PL made up less than 10% of the total market share for the freight industry. Today it makes up more than 25%, according to the Council of Supply Chain Management’s State of Logistics report, which pegged 3PL revenue at $157.2 billion in 2014. Logistics research company Armstrong & Associates expects that number to grow to $195.8 billion — a 24.5% increase — by 2018.

Why are companies embracing 3PL? To save money and reduce the complexity involved in serving their customers. The vast majority of companies do not have personnel who are trained to deal with the intricacies of ongoing shipping operations. Shipping is one of the top three expenses for many companies, so cost controls are essential. Typically, employers want a half-dozen quotes from trucking companies for every shipment. Before discovering BlueGrace Logistics, a typical shipping manager would pick up the phone and call the handful of carriers he or she knew, and receive quotes based on the haphazard inventory of trucks available for the job. They faced an artificially constrained supply of available trucks, and that usually led to higher costs and lower standards of customer service.

In contrast, BlueGrace clients enjoy a universe of options and transparency. We partner and negotiate with dozens of LTL providers, as well as hundreds of full truckload companies, and our online booking software, BlueShip, allows customers to quickly identify the best shipping option for their needs. We often save our clients money, and we always save them time. We use our logistics expertise, relationships, and technology to make it easy for clients to manage their shipping needs.

Clients have rewarded us by making us one of the fastest-growing companies in the country — not just in the logistics industry. BlueGrace Logistics has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies. If you enjoy consultative sales and love networking with people, owning a BlueGrace Logistics franchise might be a best bet for your future.


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