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What Training and Support Do We Offer?

Freight background or not, BlueGrace Logistics offers robust and substantial support and training

shutterstock_155288459BlueGrace provides a substantially higher level of support and training than most franchise systems, and we pride ourselves on it. For every 15 BlueGrace franchisees, there is one support person — far lower than the typical franchise support ratio of 50:1. Our corporate and support teams are comprised of executives with first-hand experience of many facets of the freight industry, and they’re eager to see our franchisees through establishing and maintaining a great business venture.

Revenue for third-party logistics have shown signs of steady growth since 1996 at 80%. Revenue continues to rise after the Great Recession in 2008, according to Armstrong & Associates, with an 18.8% increase since 2010. The opportune time to invest in this expanding industry is now, while trends point toward further growth. We have refined our training systems to take advantage of this huge growth opportunity.

The training and support we offer

We develop relationships with franchisees, starting with their initial training, that last for years. After a franchisee’s grand opening, we continue contact in various ways. Our training and support program includes:

  • Two weeks of initial webinar training
  • One week of initial on-site training
  • Biweekly franchise calls with the support team
  • Monthly owner conference calls
  • Regionalized “power group” sessions with executives
  • Annual conference

Our support also includes freight operations support, IT support, pricing help for large customers, and an enterprise development sales team to help you close large accounts.

Initial training

shutterstock_144470494During our initial training, we provide two weeks of training online and one week of training at our home office in Tampa. All online training consists of seminars performed via webcam. After the first week of online training, trainees arrive in Tampa for another week before returning home for a second week of online training. Training covers logistics management, billing, transportation management systems, customer relationship management systems, and sales process and positioning on our service and value for customers.

We gauge prior experience in sales and freight and adjust our training and support plan to fit each franchisee. Ramp-up time varies based on that experience.

Highly involved franchise support team

BlueGrace support staffers provide franchisees ample service overall, and they also are assigned to ones with whom they share a personality, based on a culture index, to create an in-depth relationship needed to run a business well. The support staff helps franchisees grow their businesses, contacting them several times a week to talk sales and operations.

shutterstock_68641162Our support team offers conference calls each first and third Monday. Discussion topics may include consistent upgrades of BlueShip, billing and collection practices, and best sales practices from nationally renowned experts. The support team offers a morning call and an afternoon call to fit franchisees’ schedules.

Franchisees can call our home office any day, any time. We offer day-to-day operations support, such as negotiating freight prices and presenting our value to our carriers, who appreciate our regular and frequent payment for our clients’ deliveries. We help franchisees get something more affordable and convenient than the market rate for their clients.

Our information technology team gets feedback from our customers on how to improve BlueShip, our transportation management systems software. Our carriers appreciate the value that integrating BlueShip data into their system provides.



Each year, BlueGrace franchisees meet for a national convention. Last year, our keynote speaker was Jack Daly, a well-known corporate culture expert, CEO, and entrepreneur who built six companies into national firms. Other speakers have included top executives from UPS and Werner trucking, as well as our own President and CEO Bobby Harris. The conference also hosts an awards dinner and gala celebration where we celebrate our top performers.

Our annual convention is a time to celebrate and learn — you’ll see an agenda packed with training, best practices, and panel discussions where you can hear directly from other franchise owners who are succeeding in building amazing businesses.


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