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Who Makes a Good BlueGrace Franchise Owner?

Most importantly we’re looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit

shutterstock_144470392BlueGrace President and CEO Bobby Harris took his franchise empire from another third-party logistics brand and grew his office into the 27,000-square-foot facility full of the salespeople and operations staffers it has today. Emulating Bobby’s day-to-day active participation in his business is what has made our franchise owners some of the industry’s top performers.

Our successful franchisees hire great sales directors and freight operators, and they also maintain a strong, daily presence at their franchises. These people reach out to businesses throughout their territory and care about the people in urgent need of affordable and convenient shipping.

Sales professionals

shutterstock_132413552We’re looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who not only want to make money, but who also have a desire to succeed and win. They have a competitive spirit, take risks, and want to be their own boss.

Someone with a solid sales background is an ideal candidate for a BlueGrace Logistics franchise; it is an ideal opportunity for anyone with a flair for business development. Since every customer we meet is already spending money on shipping, we operate more as a consultant than a salesperson.

Anyone with consultative sales experience would be comfortable in our day-to-day business. You have to enjoy working with people, enjoy building relationships and enjoy helping people work through complex problems to get to an unexpected solution that has the potential to help a business grow. BlueGrace Logistics customers receive a lot of value when they work from us, and it’s a value-driven sales process for our franchise owners.

Franchise ownership is not a passive investment

BlueGrace Logistics is a hands-on business, and we are seeking hands-on franchise owners. This is not an absentee business, and it won’t thrive without a passionate and highly involved owner.


That’s not to say that we don’t offer flexibility to run the business as you see fit. Some of our owners are great in sales, focusing more on that aspect rather than the day-to-day operations. They may rely more on their operations managers or on corporate’s freight-desk support. Whatever the case may be, the fact always remains that the busy and involved franchisee is interested in every facet of the business.

We know our franchise opportunity attracts entrepreneurs with sales or freight backgrounds, as well as others with overlapping skills that mesh well with our business. Currently, our franchisees come from many backgrounds, such as finance, the military, logistics, corporate America, and even acting. Our staff customizes training based on the skills and experience of new franchisees.

Do I need freight experience?

Previous experience in logistics or freight is preferred, but is not a requirement for BlueGrace franchisees. We can teach candidates the ins and outs of the freight industry and our successful method for navigating within it. Some of our franchisees have succeeded despite having little to no experience in logistics — they had to navigate a steep three- to six-month learning curve, but those who are willing to work hard and perform the business development tasks laid out in our training process tend to learn the industry relatively quickly.

If you have experience in the freight or logistics industry, you’ll have an advantage. You’ll get through training at a more rapid pace and will be able to hit the ground running.

Management experience needed

A successful BlueGrace Logistics franchise is a highly focused and well-managed sales team with the franchise owner as the leader. You’ll need to have experience or the ability to manage a team of four to five employees and help them build and manage a sales pipeline. Your key job as a franchise owner is to recruit high-performance salespeople, manage them, and keep your team focused on results.

We are looking for franchise candidates who have previous management experience and who will be able to take our proven systems and execute them in the field.


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