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Why Does Our Culture Stand Out?

BlueGrace Logistics culture is focused on excellence and teamwork

We’ve set the logistics world on fire in the past decade and have risen from a small startup to become a major player in the third-party logistics industry. We’ve also been named one of the best places to work in the Tampa Bay area and have developed a tight-knit corporate team that is dedicated to serving our growing ranks of franchisees.

We’ve outpaced the rest of the industry by a large margin by being smarter, more nimble, and more thoughtful about how we treat our customers, employees, and vendors. Ask our customers why they love working with us, and, more often than not, they’ll mention our culture.

Here at the BlueGrace home office, culture is a very important part of who we are. We have a work-hard-play-hard approach to business; we celebrate wins and enjoy the work we do. Our fun culture at the home office spreads to our franchisees, who often have the same culture in their offices.

Here are the eight core values that guide the way we do business, treat our customers, and treat one another:

Be Passionate About Excellence

Seeking first place in everything we do is our lifeblood. Growth can be measured many ways, but those who are pursuing perfection in all they do are special. Everyone here, from the CEO to the franchisee, must be passionate about achieving excellence. Athletes, for example, always push themselves to reach the next level. That’s what we do here.


Be Caring of Others

Mean people don’t work here. Our team not only cares about each other, but also our franchisees, our vendors, our clients, and everyone else.

Caring means helping businesses ship more easily, helping trucking companies connect with more customers, and caring for employees by seeking their input and then taking the time to listen.

Pursue Outrageous Goals

People who shun mediocrity grow rapidly. We’ve accomplished staggering feats thus far, and we will continue this path with a team of franchisees doing something special.

The logistics space is so large that no one third-party logistics company has a large portion of the market share. That means we cannot set too high a goal. We’re one of the fastest-growing companies in America, and we plan to significantly grow our number of franchisees by the end of 2017.

Simplify the Complex

Make the end result simple. Sometimes complexity is needed to get the highest return for our clients and partners. It’s our job to create these gains.

There are many issues our clients have when it comes to shipping. We take the complexity out of the system, and through our technology, support, and relationships, we make their lives easier. We marry new technologies with one of the oldest industries in the world — freight distribution. Our transportation management software, BlueShip, is the most intelligent, user-friendly tool in the market today. BlueShip provides automation, control, optimization, visibility, and compliance. We believe that simple is more.

Embrace Chaos

shutterstock_252335704Change is often rapid as we optimize our processes, we encourage this and those who drive creativity. Our clients sometimes have unforeseen, urgent, or unique needs. This is when they need us most and where we truly shine.

There are so many things that can go wrong, and we need to embrace that. That means we must stay the course. 3PL is fast-growing and evolving, in terms of technology and of on-the-ground transportation providers. It may seem chaotic, but we must remain flexible to lead the industry.

Perform With Agility, Speed and Precision

We create positive change quickly and do it right. We want our work to produce the best results, as soon as possible. We are great at providing value and are agile in meeting needs. This is one of our greatest strengths.

Our industry is a competitive environment, and we cannot afford to make mistakes and miss opportunities. We equip you — and we continue to equip ourselves — through training and development to provide solutions without error. Maximizing profits and maximizing value is a winning combination.

Own Your Results, Be Humble

Taking responsibility for one’s performance is vital; BlueGrace Logistics franchisees can point to no one but themselves for the success or failure of their business. That said, we understand that there’s no team of one, and we have a winning team of knowledgeable leaders and other franchisees ready to help you. The winning solution is helping each other, and franchisees who help their customers help themselves, as well.

Be Happy, Have Fun!

We’ve got FUN down — and that isn’t idle verbiage. We all spend a great deal of our waking lives here, so we hire happy people who want to be with happy people.

Bad attitudes are infectious — when they hold sway, your employees don’t do a good job, your clients notice, and your franchise can begin to fail. We encourage a lively atmosphere at the home office and in our franchise offices across the nation; customers can tell when you’re having a good time. BlueGrace is especially dedicated to building a happy workplace. We ring a huge gong in the office every time someone makes a big sale. There’s even a keg of beer in our breakroom after a full week of work.


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