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Why Our Customers Love Us

We make logistics simple for customers, saving them time and money

According to inboundlogistics.com, 80% of shippers surveyed say service is more important than cost.

That’s an important statistic — price isn’t the main selling point for the typical BlueGrace Logistics customer. Every customer we approach is already spending money on shipping. Chances are, they already know how to get competitive pricing. Here’s where we come in: if you get a low price and have a nightmare with customer service, lose shipments, or have shipments arrive late or damaged, you end up spending a lot more than you saved.


Although price does enter into some accounts we work on, that’s not the core value we provide nor why customers really love us. Here’s a runthrough of the common reasons customers value working with BlueGrace Logistics:

We take the logistics out of their hands

Our services provide an added value that shippers can’t get for themselves. Our enterprise customers spending $1 million annually on shipping have a lot of choices for 3PL, and our BlueShip technology is a shining example of why they choose BlueGrace. BlueShip, customized by our dedicated staff of IT specialists, carries a greater advantage to our clients. It gives them daily reports on shipments received and delivered and whether those shipments are delivered or received on time. It also tracks destinations reached as soon as the receiver digitally signs off.

Our midsize business customers who only make a couple of shipments per week don’t spend nearly as much on shipping, but their costs add up, too. For that type of client, it’s easy for a BlueGrace representative to examine old bills and create a price comparison with an added-value services of our technology and reports. They can log in and make their shipments through our secured network, as well as generate reports.

Our versatility is one of our greatest strengths

shutterstock_247694062BlueGrace is a privately owned company without a board of directors micromanaging us. Our versatility has allowed us to jumpstart our growth and become the company we are today — by customizing a solution for any client. Whether it’s a transactional customer that seldomly ships, or an enterprise one with truckloads to send coast to coast, we can do that. Our relationships with carriers and our vast experience in the industry mean that we can be versatile and efficient at the same time.

We have more to share than saving money

Not every customer is going to save a significant amount of money by shipping through our carriers, but in the long run they are going to have access to value-added services without having to set up their own logistics department. That is a significant savings in labor costs.

At the end of the day our customers are using us because we advocate for them. When things go wrong, we have the clout to resolve issues quickly. Our volume and experience allow us to get them better rates than they can access on their own. We give them access to technology that shows them what their shipping process looks like, and we can use that technology to come up with better analytical solutions and more optimized ways of shipping.

We live in a technology-driven world

shutterstock_235567633The better handle a business owner has on how his or her business operates, the more efficient the business becomes. The more efficient it becomes, the more profitable it is. It’s the well-known business axiom: what can be measured can be managed, and what can be managed can be improved.

One of our strengths is our ability to tie together a customer’s IT platforms such as Salesforce, databases, intranets, ordering systems, and accounting functions with a carrier’s IT platform. Often, as a company grows it gets more complex.

If your company depends on logistics to get products to market and you have to work with five carriers, none of which can integrate with your IT systems, it is easy to see where you’d lose your ability to manage your business. This is an area where we shine — we have best-in-class IT staff that know how to integrate just about every carrier system with just about every common company database. Chances are, we can help a client right off the bat and save thousands or even hundreds of thousands on IT development. Have a customer that needs something custom? We can provide that, too.

When a customer gets control of their business intelligence, they never want to let go — it’s the secret to a well-run and profitable business. We provide this, and it’s one of the main reasons our customers love us!


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